WELSAFE (Welcome Safety Device) is an interactive kiosk for accreditation, registration and check-in processes, using different technologies.

This device is an integrated solution for registration and identification with safety as a priority.

A technological solution for access control with total security


Autonomous accreditation process
(Self Check-in)

The user stands in front of the structure.
All instructions are provided on the screen.

The system will allow the user to register themselves without any contact. It promotes social distance and limits contact with the venue staff.


Shoe sole disinfection

During the entire process, the user's shoe soles are disinfected and sanitized automatically, without needing any intervention from the user.

TThis disinfection process is carried out by UV Sterilization Lamps, which are located at the base of the structure and are only active while the user interacts with the structure, in a completely safe way, focusing only on the soles.


Ticket validation

The device validates your entry code, in a fast and secure way.

It features several reading technologies (including QRCode, BarCode, RFID and NFC), allowing for integration with several platforms and software, with a high level of functionality and performance.


Double validation

The system is prepared to include several double validation processes.

These processes include the recognition and digitization of the Citizen's Card, facial recognition (FaceID) and a SMS code.

Automatically aggregates the data into an identification (ID), complying with the applicable RGPD.


Safety scan

The system performs a facial scan, which allows it to detect if the user is wearing a mask.

It also performs temperature reading (according to current legislation and/or user approval), and the recognition of some physical attributes (such as age, gender, basic emotions or behavioural changes).


Hand sanitation

An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is incorporated into the top of the structure.

During this step, the screen shows the correct way to sanitize hands with the solution, according to the recommended WHO method.


RFID wristband association

After the successful completion of the above steps, the system will be able to associate an RFID wristband to the user (or a different type of tag), to conclude the check-in process.

The user only has to hold the wristband against the reader to complete the process.

The system is designed to recognize visitors at the event, with a high degree of accuracy and speed.


Payments and top-ups

The platform allows users to top up their bracelets which can be used to make payments in the venue.

With this, a cashless and rechargeable payment system is provided, which replaces the use of cash, which is known to be a method of spreading bacteria.

The platform is prepared to integrate the most popular payment methods.


Payment and access readers

At the consumption and access points, wristband readers can be made available to record of the corresponding actions (consumption/access).

The system also allows for the editing of user-profiles and real-time monitoring of all user actions & history.


Data Infrastructure

The system allows for the collection and analysis of statistical data in real-time, to help improve strategies and provide a better quality of service to the users.

It features a secure data infrastructure for a detailed and real-time statistical analysis.

QRCode/Barcode reader
Mask detection
Attendance control system
NFC/RFID reader
Hand sanitation
Consumption control system
Citizen Card Reader
Sole disinfection
Data infrastructure
Temperature Reading
Instant cashless payments
Statistical analysis
Facial Recognition (FaceID)
Queue management system
Integration between systems